Kverneland Merchandise

Kverneland are pleased to offer a wide range of clothing including overalls, jackets, polo shirts, t-shirts and hats. 

Kverneland Merchandise

All merchandise items can be ordered via your Kverneland dealer using the part number to the right hand side of each product.

Kverneland Clothing & Merchandise

Kverneland Baseball Cap

A142726000 Kverneland cap black

Kverneland Polo Shirt

A142750900 Polo shirt, Male, S

A142751000 Polo shirt, Male, M

A142751100 Polo shirt, Male, L

A142751200 Polo shirt, Male, XL

A142751300 Polo shirt, Male, XXL

A142758400 Polo shirt, Male, XXXL

A142749400 Polo shirt, Female, S

A142749500 Polo shirt, Female, M

A142749600 Polo shirt, Female, L

A142749700 Polo shirt, Female, XL

A142749800 Polo shirt, Female, XXL

Kverneland Sweatshirt Jacket

A142753400 Sweatshirt Jacket, Male, S

A142753500 Sweatshirt Jacket, Male, M

A142753600 Sweatshirt Jacket, Male, L

A142753700 Sweatshirt Jacket, Male, XL

A142753800 Sweatshirt Jacket, Male, XXL

A142758600 Sweatshirt Jacket, Male, XXXL

A142752400 Sweatshirt Jacket, Female, S

A142752500 Sweatshirt Jacket, Female, M

A142752600 Sweatshirt Jacket, Female, L

A142752700 Sweatshirt Jacket, Female, XL

A142752800 Sweatshirt Jacket, Female, XXL

Kverneland Padded Body Warmer Gilet

A142747400 Body Warmer, Male, S

A142747500 Body Warmer, Male, M

A142747600 Body Warmer, Male, L

A142747700 Body Warmer, Male, XL

A142747800 Body Warmer, Male, XXL

A142758300 Body Warmer, Male, XXXL

A142744900 Body Warmer, Female, S

A142745000 Body Warmer, Female, M

A142745100 Body Warmer, Female, L

A142745200 Body Warmer, Female, XL

A142745300 Body Warmer, Female, XXL

Kverneland Padded Jacket

A142746900 Padded jacket, Male, S

A142747000 Padded jacket, Male, M

A142747100 Padded jacket, Male, L

A142747200 Padded jacket, Male, XL

A142747300 Padded jacket, Male, XXL

A142758200 Padded jacket, Male, XXXL

A142744400 Padded jacket, Female, S

A142744500 Padded jacket, Female, M

A142744600 Padded jacket, Female, L

A142744700 Padded jacket, Female, XL

A142744800 Padded jacket, Female, XXL

Kverneland Softshell Jacket

A142739900 Softshell jacket, Male, S

A142740000 Softshell jacket, Male, M

A142740100 Softshell jacket, Male, L

A142740200 Softshell jacket, Male, XL

A142740300 Softshell jacket, Male, XXL

A142758500 Softshell jacket, Male, XXXL

A142738400 Softshell jacket, Female, S

A142738500 Softshell jacket, Female, M

A142738600 Softshell jacket, Female, L

A142738700 Softshell jacket, Female, XL

A142738800 Softshell jacket, Female, XXL

Kverneland Windbreaker Jacket

A142742900 Windbreaker, Male, S

A142743000 Windbreaker, Male, M

A142743100 Windbreaker, Male, L

A142743200 Windbreaker, Male, XL

A142743300 Windbreaker, Male, XXL

A142758700 Windbreaker, Male, XXXL

A142741400 Windbreaker, Female, S

A142741500 Windbreaker, Female, M

A142741600 Windbreaker, Female, L

A142741700 Windbreaker, Female, XL

A142741800 Windbreaker, Female, XXL

Kverneland Winter Parka Coat

A142736900 Winter parka coat, Male, S

A142737000 Winter parka coat, Male, M

A142737100 Winter parka coat, Male, L

A142737200 Winter parka coat, Male, XL

A142737300 Winter parka coat, Male, XXL

A142758800 Winter parka coat, Male, XXXL

A142735400 Winter parka coat, Female, S

A142735500 Winter parka coat, Female, M

A142735600 Winter parka coat, Female, L

A142735700 Winter parka coat, Female, XL

A142735800 Winter parka coat, Female, XXL

Kverneland Overalls

Kverneland Overall with double zip

67% Polyester, 33% Coton, 245g/m²

Leg length 80 cm (32”). Washable 85°C

A142885200 Overall Kverneland S1 (30)

A142885300 Overall Kverneland S2 (34)

A142885400 Overall Kverneland S3 (38)

A142885500 Overall Kverneland S4 (42)

A142885600 Overall Kverneland S5 (46)

A142885700 Overall Kverneland S6 (50)

A142885800 Overall Kverneland S7 (54)

A142885900 Overall Kverneland S8 (58)

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