Tedder - get ready for next season

Helpful tips and tricks to get your Tedder prepared to operate at it’s maximum
capacity through the season.

Only Original Parts will keep your machine a Kverneland

Kverneland Tedders are known for being low maintenance. However being prepared for the coming season by giving your machine a preseason health check will ensure top performance whilst keeping downtime to a minimum.

Check the condition and functionality of all Road lights. Repair/replace if necessary.

Check all steering and pivots points. Greasing if necessary.

Check the condition and pressures of all tyres. Replace or adjust if necessary.

Check all hydraulic hoses and connections. Replace if necessary.

Make sure all PTO drive lines and joints are clean and lubricated.

Ensure all safety guarding is fitted and functions correctly.

Check all Tines, safety fixings and Tine arms for wear or damage. Ensure all fixings are tight. Replace if necessary

Adjust the working angle to get the best results

3-step Tine angle adjustment

By inserting a triangular washer between the tine and the tine arm – the Super-C tine can be locked in three alternative positions for optimum  performance in different crop conditions.

Passive angle of -4°. Insert the washer with slope against the direction of rotation.

Standard angle of 0 degrees. No washer required as per standard factory specification.

Aggressive angle of +4°. Insert the washer with slope in direction of rotation.


Super-C Tines

The Super-C Tine is made from 10mm Shot-blasted Coil spring steel and has two equal length legs to evenly spread the load. Being 20% greater in diameter than conventional designs – results in one of the most durable and flexible tines on the market.

Tedders - Compact Line
Model: 8445 / 8452(T) / 84600 / 8480


Tedders - Pro Line
Model: 8090CD


Tedders - Pro Line
Model: 8076CD / 84140C / 8555 / 8576 / 8583 T / 85111 T


Tedders - Pro Line
Model: 8590 / 85122 C / 8568 / 8590 / 85112


Tine safety

Damage to both livestock and machinery can be avoided by fitting Tine Safety clips to all tines. Mounted below the coil securing both tine legs - the safety device holds both halves of the tine together to prevent it from being lost in the crop.


Tedders - Compact Line


Tedders - Pro Line


Tine fixing

Using the appropriate Fixing Kits, securely tightened at all times, will ensure the tines give maximum performance and keeps losses and downtime to a minimum. (*Can be used with triangular washers)

Tedders - Compact Line
Model: 8445 / 8452(T) / 8460 / 8480


Tedders - Pro Line
Model: 8090CD


Tedders - Pro Line
Model: 8076CD / 84140C / 8555 / 8576 / 8583 T / 85111 T 8590 / 85122 C / 8568 / 8590 / 85112


Be prepared – save valuable time when it counts

Nothing is more frustrating that breaking down in the middle of a field – losing valuable time and productivity.

Keeping a Service Kit to hand, in the event of a breakdown, will ensure you are up and running in no time. The service kit contains sufficient fast wearing parts, ie tines, tine arms, tyres, tine fixing kit, tines savers etc that will get your machine back working in the event of a minor breakdown.
Ask your dealer to order a Service Kit for YOUR tedder and give yourself peace of mind when in the field. 



VF06564096 Cpl. Wheel 16x6x8 TT 10PR Silver rim 1
VF16642644 Cpl. Wheel 18.5x8.5-8 TT 6PR Silver rim 1
A131159794 Tine arm 2
A131393588 Spring tine, 10 mm  10
A131835430 Tine fixing set (ProLine) Bent 10
A100020200 Agraset 106 (3 x 8 pcs.) 1

Original Parts when you need them!


Time is money, and we know the importance of receiving the right parts at the right time! Your Kverneland dealer is supported by a massive distribution network to supply you with exactly what you need, when you need it.

Our main distribution centre Metz warehouse is located in Thionville, France. A strategic location for distributing parts to all corners of the world. With over 70.000 parts in stock and 24/7 service, we are ready to supply you with parts – at any time!   

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