Disc Mower - Get Ready For Next Season

Helpful tips and tricks to get your Disc Mower prepared to operate at it’s maximum capacity through the season.

Only Original Parts will keep your machine a Kverneland

Contact your local Kverneland dealer to arrange a pre-season service or health check on your Kverneland Mower to ensure it delivers the best performance and output.

Make sure all PTO drive lines and joints are clean and lubricated.

Check gearbox oil level – Top up if required.

Check the cutter bar oil level – Top up if required.

Check all mower discs and replace if damaged.

Check the conditioning rotor for missing or damaged fingers.

Check all mower knives and replace if worn or damaged.

Check wear skids and counter knives for damage and wear.

Mower Knives: Look out for the Kverneland Group “K”

Precision rolled cutting edge

Kverneland mower knives have precision rolled cutting edges instead of ground or formed edges. No steel was removed when sharpening the knives thus ensuring a higher steel thickness exactly where it is required. Kverneland knives are “Super” strong and deliver a consistent performance even in the toughest conditions.

Strong knives with high resistance against objects that last longer and remain sharp.

Left turning: KT5611090001
Right turning: KT5611040001

Cutterbar: Round Cutting Discs

Less susceptible to stone damage and thus keeping shock loads to a minimum throughout the cutter bar and transmission.

Tine Conditioner: what fits what

Trailed Mower Conditioners are fitted with “Long” Tines
KT9030310097: Semi Swing steel Tines
KT90360000: Nylon Tines

Mounted Mower Conditioners are fitted with “Short” Tines
A144108597: Semi Swing steel Tines
KT90360900: Nylon Tines

All tines are mounted using Bolt kit – KT90278000
(kit for mounting 10 tines)

Service Kits

Check your mower prior to the season and ensure all wearing parts are in top condition to give the best performance.

A simple Service Kit is available for many models. These kits includes wearing parts that can be changed in the field and that will get you going again in the event of a minor breakdown. Ask your dealer to order a Service Kit for YOUR mower and give yourself peace of mind when in the field.

Service kits available for a wide range of Mowers.

A157238132 5087 M
A157238432 5095 M
A157235232 3632 FN
A157234732 3332FT
A157236232 3336FT
A157235832 3332FR
A157236432 3336FR
A157236732 3332MT
A157237132 3332MR
A144196332 3336MT
A157237832 5087MN
A144946832 53100MT - 53100MT BX
A144947132 53100MR-53100MR BX


Time is money, and we know the importance of receiving the right parts at the right time! Your Kverneland dealer is supported by a massive distribution network to supply you with exactly what you need, when you need it.

Our main distribution centre Metz warehouse is located in Thionville, France. A strategic location for distributing parts to all corners of the world. With over 70.000 parts in stock and 24/7 service, we are ready to supply you with parts – at any time!   

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