Kverneland ts-drill gains low disturbance capability

While the ts-drill has developed an enviable reputation for working in far from ideal conditions, it can now add low disturbance to its repertoire.

Kverneland ts-drill gains low disturbance capability

This is a result of a narrow tine being developed for use with the drill, allowing ts to be used as a one-pass drill working direct into stubbles.

The narrow tine version uses a 15mm point compared to the 45mm assembly used on the regular ts drill. Combined with an all-new leg design, the low disturbance tine gains 50kg more spring pressure, making it better suited to working in uncultivated ground.

In its standard guise, the ts-drill uses five rows of tines that can be spaced for 12.5cm or 15cm row widths. As a low disturbance drill, those same five rows are re-arranged to create a wider row spacing of 16.7cm, increasing its under-frame clearance for working in trashier conditions.

Graham Owen, Kverneland seeding specialist

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