Kverneland e-drill with integrated a-drill seeder

The right concept for sustainable and efficient farming.

Kverneland e-drill with integrated a-drill seeder

Kverneland has integrated the well-known a-drill onto the e-drill power-harrow mounted seed drill. This extra seeder with separate hopper and metering device will allow for the application of an additional type of seed or fertiliser, extending the scope of application of the e-drill even further.

Sustainable and efficient
There are good reasons to promote the establishment of additional crops or to apply extra nutrients whilst seeding. An additional crop will suppress weed growth but not compete with the leading crop. The extra crop catches the mineral nitrogen in the soil, as well as air nitrogen, when mixing with leguminous plants, transforming it into organic nitrogen. Thus, nitrogen will still be available for the next crops. Fertilisers are applied with precision to support plant growth, specifically during youth development avoiding its wash-out into groundwater.

All this will be a major contribution to sustainable farming by encouraging root development, reducing the risk of erosion and increasing biodiversity and humus content. Sustainability will protect farmers’ most valuable asset: the soil. Utmost efficiency and cost saving is achieved by the combined application of various types of seeds and/or fertiliser all in one pass.

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