Trailer Transport Solution for Kverneland LO ploughs

Safer Transport for Long Mounted Reversible Shearbolt Ploughs

Trailer Transport Solution for Kverneland LO ploughs

Transport can be an issue for long ploughs especially in curves. The plough remains in the alignment of the tractor and hence needs a wide area free of obstacles. Urban areas or just driving out of the farm portal to the main street can challenge the driver.

For a safer transport, Kverneland has invented the TTS: Trailer Transport Solution. This feature makes the plough behave like a trailer behind a car. The Kverneland LO model is the first shearbolt mounted reversible plough offered with the TTS.

KV-2500-transport-01-jpg-g18v9aewc1 (1)

Kverneland LO with optional TTS
The TTS option is fitted to the New Generation of Kverneland ploughs: series 2300 S, 3300 S, 3400 S. Due to the great success of the TTS on these auto-reset plough models, it has been decided to extend the offer to the shearbolt ploughs as well. The Kverneland LO and LO Variomat® are the first Kverneland shearbolt ploughs offered with the Trailer Transport Solution.

The equivalent Auto-reset models in terms of functionalities and size are the lately launched Kverneland 3400 S and Kverneland 3400 S Variomat®. Ploughs available up to 7 bodies.     

The Kverneland LO and LO Variomat® enable ploughing In-furrow and On-land. Easy conversion from one another with just a “finger tip” operation.


TTS for safer transport
The Trailer Transport Solution offers a 45° right and left angle. It maximises safety for the driver and for anyone or anything around. The pivot point of the tractor and plough combination is located in the middle, that means that there is no tilting out.

Another advantage is the quick and easy settings. It takes only 1 minute to set the plough from transport to ploughing and vice versa.


Kverneland LO TTS


Kverneland 3400 S

KV-3400-S-round-about-ghg74g72x8 (2)

Kverneland 3400 S

Kverneland LO and LO Variomat specifications

Kverneland Model

Number of Furrows








LO Variomat



3400 S (*)




3400 S Variomat (*)



 (*) “S” = Auto-reset system for tough and/or Stony conditions

Kverneland designs ploughs with innovations that count. The Trailer Transport Solution, TTS, fitted to a long mounted reversible shearbolt plough will solve transport challenges.

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