For high yields

A perfect seedbed is the basis for successful germination and thus for high yields.

A perfect seedbed is the basis for successful germination and thus for high yields. 

An optimal seedbed with a load-bearing seed horizon where the seeds can be embedded at an even depth over the whole area of the field is the basis for high field emergence and thus for high yields. It requires an unbroken association between the seed horizon and the capillary water conducting lower layer to ensure germination in the absence of rainfall. Additionally, rapid heating of the soil and adequate oxygen supply to the germination seeds and a fine crumbled and uniform reconsolidated seedbed for an optimal seed coverage is important too.

Power harrows have long since become typical combination machines because they are largely independent of the soil conditions. On heavy soils it reaches an intensive crumbling. Under light conditions, it can work flat and at a lower rotor speed. The sets of tines rotate on vertical axles for fully horizontal tillage of the soil – no inversion of soil layers and no vertical compression leading to hardpan formation. Consequently, there is no better alternative for seedbed preparation.

A power harrow together with a seed drill is finally an economic high performance combination. Seed bed preparation and seeding in one pass! All Kverneland power harrows models are exclusively designed to be combined with Kverneland seed drills either modular with front tank and coulterbar or with cultivator mounted seed drills.

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