The ‘one box’, plug and play solution

Trevor Medley (JH & TJ Medley, Harby, Newark, Notts) believes that if you’re going to do a job, do it properly.

It is why the Nottinghamshire farmer has bought a Kverneland Exacta TL with GEOSPREAD to apply fertilisers and slug pellets on his 140ha farm.

“Nobody has perfectly square fields, so every farmer can benefit from GEOSPREAD,” explains Trevor.

“The spreader automatically adjusts the working width when bouts get narrower on short work, and it stops and starts the spreader automatically at headlands too. It is fantastic.”

Trevor Medley says GEOSPREAD’s accuracy and automatic section control is saving him 2.5-3 tonnes of fertiliser each season.

Mr Medley is now in his second season using the Kverneland spreader bought through local dealer Sharmans, adding that he is comfortably on top of spreading, and saving on fertiliser too.

“GEOSPREAD is so accurate, that it is saving me around 2.5-3 tonnes of fertiliser over the course of a season,” he says. “I’m still applying at the same rates, but the improved accuracy and reduction in overlaps is making all the difference compared to my previous spreader.”

Working on 24m tramlines, and growing winter wheat, oilseed rape, spring barley and sugar beet, Trevor says the spreader’s capacity offers outputs from 150-200 acres/day. The hopper’s five-bag payload is often over-looked in favour of the convenience of loading four bags in one go, using the farm’s telehandler.

“I have future-proofed my business with the GEOSPREAD system,” he says. “The spreader plugs into my JD, just like my JD732i sprayer, and all the controls appear on the 2630 screen.”

“It is a one box, plug and play solution, which is very simple and easy to use,” he says. “This means no fuss, and only one screen in my cab – you can’t get it wrong.”

“You don’t need to farm a lot of ground to justify this level of technology,” explains Trevor. “For me, its all about efficiency – I have little margin for error and so I have to make every kilo count on every acre I farm. And that’s exactly what GEOSPREAD does.”

October 2015

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