Tellus Go – the compact universal terminal

IsoMatch Tellus Go is a multifunction, touch screen universal terminal from Kverneland Group, developed for those taking their first steps into precision farming.Launched at Cereals 2015, Tellus Go replaces the non-isobus controller Focus II. Just like its larger stablemate the IsoMatch Tellus dual screen display, the new Tellus Go can be used to control all isobus implements.

Equipped with a 7in touch screen and two USB ports, Tellus Go is simple and intuitive – just switch on the power button and ‘Go’, as the terminal brings the implement automatically into view.
Easy machine set-up is achieved quickly using either the keypad integrated into the housing and forming part of the grip, or using the touch screen. The terminal brings added versatility to simple menu navigation, using a rotary dial on top of the housing.

Tellus Go offers much of the sophistication of the larger dual screen terminal, including tractor ECU, task documentation, manual guidance, camera control, pdf reader and calculator. The compact terminal can also be used with or without individual software licence keys for automatic section control, automatic variable rate control and auxiliary device support.
See for yourself how easy Tellus Go is to use, by trying its functionality with a free to download IsoMatch Simulator: 

15th June 2015

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