Knock-on® factory fitted

From the 1st of August 2014, Kverneland ploughs can be delivered with Knock-on® as a factory fitted option. 

The use of Knock-on® combines substantial time savings in changing points to agronomic benefits.

  • Agronomic benefits:
    • Good soil penetration & stable in work

Knock-on® has been tested in several soil conditions. Even in the hardest soils, the points ensure a good penetration.


  • Low pulling forces

Kverneland bodies are renowned for their unrivaled low pulling forces. With Knock-on® points, the pulling forces remain low and hence the fuel consumption.


Soil flow protection
The clever design of Knock-on® actually protects the other parts of the body while allowing an efficient soil flow.


  • High output and cost efficiency:

Modern farming is mainly about high output and cost efficiency. Future-minded farmers and contractors can now take full ownership of the Kverneland Knock-on® to fulfill these objectives. By choosing Knock-on®, efficiency is automatically increased. Save 90% of the time used for removing and mounting new reversible points. Minimise downtime to replace wearing parts when using Knock-on ®.

  • Kverneland trend Setter:

Kverneland has a long tradition in being first to develop new solutions for the farming community. Some used to say “Life is Hard, but easier with Kverneland”. The Knock-on® solution follows the innovative steps of Kverneland reversible points designed in 1972 and Kverneland Quick-Fit in 2002.
Kverneland innovations may be copied over the years but remain unequalled quality wise. Buying the Kverneland original spare parts is a safeguard against potential problems while guaranteeing high performance.


4th July 2014


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