Mixing digestate with the CTS

With 70,000 cubic metre of digestate to incorporate on 5,500 acres, Bedfordia Farms has several cultivation tools at its disposal to ensure the task is performed in a timely and efficient manner.

And the latest addition to the armoury is a 4.5m CTS Evo stubble cultivator.

“We need flexibility in a system that does not afford any slack when it comes to applying digestate to stubbles,” explains arable and operations manager Ian Rudge. “With 50 tonnes/ha to incorporate within a 24 hour application window, we need kit that is equal to the task.”

The 4.5m CTS Evo equipped with a Biodrill joins two older cultivators, and was bought, says Mr Rudge, after seeing a neighbour continue to work with a CTS long after Bedfordia was forced to stop.

“It was impressive to watch, but more importantly, it offered flexibility to continue applying muck and preparing seedbeds,” he says. “It was just the tool we were looking for.”

Used behind an articulated John Deere 9630 on dual wheels and equipped with auto steering, he says quality of work and output has been far better than expected.

“The CTS does everything I need and it suits all scenarios, without blocking,” he says. “We run the front discs at around 10-15cm deep and the rear legs no deeper than 30cm.”

“The way the CTS boils and moves all the soil over its 4.5m width means we can thoroughly incorporate and mix what goes on the surface, leaving a very level seedbed,” he explains.

“And using the machine to establish 1,500 acres of rape, I am very pleased with the way it works.”

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Bedfordia’s arable and operations manager Ian Rudge says few machines could match the CTS Evo for its ability to create a level seedbed.


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