Kverneland Agritechnica News 2019

At Agritechnica 2019 we will present our latest developments in agricultural technology. Check out the new products and solutions from Kverneland at our 2.500 m2 stand.

Kverneland news at Agritechnica


Kverneland e-drill maxi plus

Seeding and fertilising in one pass for increased speed and efficiency

Kverneland has extended the model range of power harrow mounted seed drills by the combined grain and fertiliser version of the e-drill maxi plus. The e-drill maxi plus is especially adapted to the needs of the European markets where a growing proportion of cereal is sown in spring and the application of a mixture of different seeds in one step is requested.



FXN - Heavy construction for reliable operation!

Kverneland FXN range comprises Vicon’s largest and toughest grass and straw choppers built for heavy-duty work on set-aside land and cultivated fields.

FXN choppers offer unique operational versatility. The high rotor speed combined with a large number of blades increases the cutting efficiency, while reducing the input power required.

Kverneland FXN can be equipped with different blade types in order to fulfill all operating requirements. Skids are included in the standard configuration. Wheels are optionally available. Furthermore a double skin and second counterknife are also optionally available.



Improve your performance with IsoMatch FarmCentre

The IsoMatch FarmCentre application is the first of a series of telematics solutions applicable for all compatible Kverneland machines in combination with an IsoMatch Tellus PRO.

Whether you wish to control your fleet, manage tasks remotely or analyse machine performance and task data, IsoMatch FarmCentre provides this in an efficient web application, linking implements, tractors, terminals and the cloud in one continuous flow of data and connectivity.

Connectivity is one of the key aspects in today's world. The internet of things is present in everyday objects and agricultural machines are not the exception to this trend. IsoMatch Farmcentre is the platform designed by Kverneland to maintain on-line both implements and control terminals. On this way there are many new possibilities to improve the performance of the implements from the collection of the work data and, consequently, to improve their performance and simplify the work of the users.

Farmcentre is a web program that allows you to track the work of implements in the field from the office of your farm, see the performance of them or send new tasks directly to the control terminal. In addition, the data of completed tasks are sent from the terminal to FarmCentre for further analysis and reporting that facilitates task management and invoicing. All data is hosted on a secure server in the cloud.

Last and not least, the implement alerts are shown also in Farmcentre that allows customers to schedule maintenance tasks of their machines, thus avoiding downtimes at the peak of the campaign.



Kverneland Enduro

The new versatile cultivator Kverneland Enduro will be the right choice for both, shallow stubble and deeper working depths.

Stubble cultivation, especially within a minimum tillage cultivation program, conserves soil structure and moisture and limits erosion. It’s an operation which requires great consideration. Efficient stubble cultivation is the basis of success for the following crops!

The Enduro carries out tillage of the soil, levelling and consolidating in one pass reducing costs and the risk of lost moisture to promote the weed regrowth.

With the Enduro and Enduro Pro, Kverneland offers a 3-row configuration on a mounted version available from 3.0m to 5.0m working width. In combination with the 270/285mm tine distance and a high underbeam clearance of 870mm, this leads to a nice mixing and finishing without any risk of blockages. A maximum working depth of 35cm is possible with the models of the Enduro Pro and 30cm with the Enduro.



Kverneland MULTIRATE

Kverneland is introducing MULTIRATE (variable rate application) on the TLX GEOSPREAD spreader.

With MULTIRATE the TLX GEOSPREAD spreader can do high speed spreading in combination with variable rate application per section in the professional arable farmer segment for high accuracy and efficiency.

The GEOSPREAD system on the spreader can now move the spreading pattern depending on the requested application rate per section. Depending on the field variation and variable application map, up to 8 rate sections can be used.



Kverneland Turbo T i-Tiller

The smart farming cultivator - simplicity and strength for operator and environment

Cultivation is an intensive job that requires power to move and mix the soil properly. A nice finish with a perfect levelled soil is required for the following steps of soil preparation which finally ensure perfect seed growth. Weather and soil conditions vary. Therefore, the cultivator needs to offer strength and high speed to finish the job in the best efficient way for driver, environment and costs.



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