Achieve More - New 8 Rotor Tedder

With a 8.05m working width and optimised for operating with dry crops such as hay or silage, the new Kverneland 8480 elevates the range of compact tedders to a new level. It also features the new HexaLink driveline which means a transport width of less than 3m.


Achieve More
The Kverneland 8480 is a new mounted tedder in the CompactLine series, providing over 8m of working width. This offers farmers the opportunity to go wider and thereby operate more efficiently.

The design, with 8 compact rotors and a generous overlap, gives increased efficiency with dry crops like hay.

Kverneland HexaLink finger clutch permits the rotors to fold 180° for transport

Compact Folding for Transport
Despite its´ 8m working width, the Kverneland 8480 will fold to just under 3m, making it a very compact unit for transport. The two outer rotors are fitted with the new Kverneland HexaLink finger clutch, a simple yet efficient drive system that permits these rotors to fold 180⁰ for transport. The remaining rotors are driven by double universals joint, providing a strong and efficient transfer of power.

Built to Last – Minimum Maintenance
The Kverneland 8480 is designed for superior durability and ease of maintenance. It has a strong package of Kverneland features, including 2 vibrations dampers and strong V-shaped central frame unit which ensures stable and accurate running characteristics. The rotor gearbox will just keep on going, and only requires greasing once per season, and at just one point! The combined result is minimised machine downtime.

5th January 2015

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Kverneland 8480 – an efficient tedder for either hay or silage


Kverneland 8480 has a transport width of only below 3m

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