New Features for the Kverneland Disc Spreader Range

Kverneland disc spreaders  are now available with some new features. 

Kverneland is introducing some new features on the disc spreader model range for 2015.

New Border Spreading Systems
It is now possible to get a hydraulic border spreading plate on the complete Exacta range (except Exacta EL) to control spreading of the borders from the tractor cab. Easy switching from transport into working position without leaving the tractor seat. There is also a new ExactLine system available. The ExactLine border spreading system is not only available for the right hand side of the spreader any more, but now it can also be used for the left hand side of the spreader. The advantage is that you can approach your border from both sides and you can spread a small field by using both TrimFlow’s at the same time.      

New Features – Make Spreading More Easy
Other new features are the mud guards. The mud guards protect the spreader against dirt and water from the tractor wheels and are easy to remove for cleaning. With the new parking frame it is easy to store and transport the spreader with a forklift. The LED lights have a long life time and are extremely durable. They offer good visibility under all circumstances.

Up to 54m working width
Now it is also possible to spread larger working widths, even up to 54m, with the Exacta HL and TL GEOSPREAD in combination with lift vanes. Spreading charts are available via, the AutosetApp on the IsoMatch Tellus terminal or via the App for smartphones.

10th November 2014

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