Heat Treated to Perfection

When you buy Kverneland genuine wear parts, you’re buying some of the very best steel in the World, from the development our very own Sagitta steel formulation.

With our own special heat-treatment processes to give the correct balance between hardness and toughness, we can give your ploughs and cultivation equipment outstanding wear characteristics with points, shares, shins and mouldboards.Our single-piece all-steel mouldboard construction, for example, benefits from a particular heat-treatment process that gives them an extremely tough, almost wear-resistant exterior layer while keeping a soft core. It means our mouldboards can also flex when they need to.

Our parts perform properly. Even in sticky conditions. And our parts resist failure from high impact loads too. Our share design uses varying degrees of hardness and in different areas too, using an ingenious new method of induction heat treatment. And it’s the same quality that is applied to our reversible points, giving you the best performance and maintaining penetration as the points wear.

6th October 2014

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