New features for the Kverneland FlexCart

- the multi-purpose seed cart


The Kverneland FlexCart is prepared to go with various seeding or fertilising implements. It offers great efficiency and flexibility and now includes some new features:

  • Hopper weighing system for a constant control of the actual application rate of fertiliser respectively seed quantity – (optional equipment)
  • 800mm wheels for less soil pressure – (optional equipment)
  • Hydraulic loading as a counter balance weight for higher clearance (standard equipment)

The Hopper weighing system on one hand allows an exact filling of the hopper with fertiliser respectively seed quantities and on the other hand will enable the professional farmer and contractor to precisely control the quantities applied.

The FlexCart with a hopper capacity of 4300 litres can now be equipped with 800mm wheels which will significantly reduce soil pressure.

As standard, the counter weight of the lower linkage has now been changed to hydraulic loading which will considerably increase under frame clearance thus improving manoeuvrability of the FlexCart.

All these features are available from today!

19th August 2013

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