Kverneland Moves into High Output Maize Drilling

Those looking for the ultimate in maize drilling output now have more choice with the TF Maxi – a high capacity, 16-row trailed precision drill, which sits at the top of Kverneland’s Optima range.

This latest precision drill combines high performance technology with maximum user friendliness, and takes all of the proven features found among Kverneland’s smaller Optima models to create this impressive 16-row drill. Boasting a 12m working width and a 4,000-litre capacity fertiliser hopper, the Optima TF Maxi has the capacity to sow over 250 acres/day.

The machine’s clear and logical layout coupled with a high level of intelligent technology are able to deliver maximum ease of use - from set-up and filling, to seed placement and transport.

Key features include full Isobus 11783 control, high accuracy e-drive electric seed metering with GEOCONTROL for automatic stop/start on headlands and individual row control. In combination with GPS, each seeding unit is switched on and off in exactly the right place, to avoid overlaps and seed waste.

With GEOCONTROL, curved or irregular shaped boundaries and triangular fields for example, can be planted efficiently and without overlaps, leading to simplified harvesting. Further seed placement sophistication is available with GEOSEED capability.

The TF Maxi uses Kverneland’s proven Optima HD system, which allows up to 100kg of pressure to be applied to individual seeding units for precise planting in difficult soil conditions. Importantly, the seeding units afford working speeds of around 10kph to be achieved, without compromising accuracy.

The Trailed Frame (TF) design affords a clever hydraulic folding system, which is a key feature of the TF Maxi. It centres around a telescopic drawbar, allowing overall machine length to be shortened by 1.5m when the seeding units have been folded out to their working positions. This maintains a high degree of in-field manoeuvrability, allowing tight headland turns to be made.

Lengthening the drawbar for transport use allows the drill’s wings – and its seeding units - to be folded parallel to the drawbar, creating a 3m transport width, and boosting stability for a 50kph transport speed.

 8th February 2013

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