Kverneland 250 Project

Kverneland is the number 1 manufacturer of long lasting ploughs worldwide.

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Kverneland 250 Project

Kverneland has the ambition to keep this position and attract even more farmers worldwide to use a Kverneland plough.

Kverneland 250 Project: the Kverneland 250 is the logical step after the development of the Kverneland 150 series launched in 2009. After a successful launch of 4 ploughs for tractors up to 150 HP, the Kverneland 250, mounted reversible plough series, will be manufactured for tractors up to 250 HP.

Kverneland 250 Vision: to build a plough able to work in most soil and weather conditions in a user friendly way for the farmer. Traditional Kverneland values such as robustness, light equipment, easy adjustment and performance are all kept and further developed. The Kverneland 250 series is the beginning of a new generation of ploughs for Kverneland and probably for the industry. A modern design will be given to the plough and brand new features will make it even more desirable to the farming community.

Kverneland / Trend setter:

Kverneland still wants to be a trend setter. Many innovative solutions developed by Kverneland became standards for the competition.
A few examples of well known innovations from Kverneland are:

  • Mechanical Auto-reset system for Mounted reversible ploughs (1971)
  • Reversible Points (1972)
  • Variomat® system re. automatic furrow width changes (1981)
  • Quick-fit (2002)
  • Ecomat® for shallow ploughing with an integrated Packer (2003)
  • Concept of 3 ploughs in 1 with the PW/RW wagon plough (2007)
  • Knock-on®  for plough shares (2013)

The Kverneland 250 will offer features which will clearly position Kverneland a step ahead of competition.  

Discover some of these features at Agritechnica 2013, Hannover.
The Kverneland 250 will be available in 2015.

Project KV 250 = Innovations + Design

Kverneland Research & Development teams are outsourcing extra design competences. This involves a Norwegian company, Eker Design, as indicated in its name, which provides extra industrial design competences to the project. Kverneland 250 will make farmer's wishes come true. The Kverneland 250 will meet such expectations as a modern design inspired by the car industry. Design makes some cars exceptionally attractive compared to others. Why not in the plough industry too.


16th October 2013

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