Kverneland to Launch CLC Pro Cultivator Range at LAMMA 2013

Kverneland is using the Lamma Show to introduce a new version of its popular tined cultivator, the CLC Pro.

Where the traditional CLC Pro uses three rows of staggered tines, this latest version called CLC Pro FMD, gets a row of Front Mixing Discs (FMD) to replace the front row of tines.
     “Our FMD system is a proven concept that has been used successfully on the larger CTC and CTS cultivators,” explains Kverneland cultivations product manager, Adam Burt. “The 460mm diameter serrated discs are designed to work in the top 5-7.5cm of soil to cut and mix surface trash into the top layer of soil, ahead of the tines.”
     “Working deeper than the discs, the following two rows of tines offer a progressive working action that delivers a higher degree of surface preparation in one pass,” he says. “The broken surface from the discs also resists clods and lumps from being pulled up by the tines.”
     The modular construction of the CLC Pro range with its bolt-on tine hangers makes the addition of front mixing discs a straightforward development for those who seek a disc and tine combination. Currently available on 3m, 3.5m and 4m rigid models, the CLC Pro FMD version also benefits from a row of rear levelling tines ahead of its packer roller.
     With fast-fit Knock-On points available in 80mm, 150mm, 250mm, 320mm, 360mm and 470mm widths, all versions of CLC Pro can be reconfigured in just a couple of minutes from shallow surface machine to deep cultivator.


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