Kverneland Auto-reset

Well proven Kverneland leg protection systems

The incomparable stony soil conditions of Norway motivated the development of efficient and reliable leg protection systems. The unique heat treatment of the complete Kverneland plough reduces the possible collateral damages compared to other brands in stony conditions.

1/ Efficient solutions

  • Auto Reset :
    Mechanical leaf spring : 700 kp up to 1400 kp release pressure on the point by adding more leaves
    Hydraulic : 700 kp to 1800 kp. adjustable from tractor seat
  • Shear bolt protection :
    Shear bolt cuts when load on point is bigger than 4500 kp
    No damage to the leg when the bolt breaks thanks to Kverneland leg heat treatment


2/ Unbeatable Kverneland mechanical Auto-reset

In the toughest of stony conditions, Kverneland leaf spring system has proven to be unbeatable worldwide for years.

Characteristics:  when hitting an obstacle, the pressure on the point, frame and plough parts decreases! Bodies release individually!


Long lasting equipment: low stress on the frame and on the tractor

Quality ploughing: bodies release individually and return to the correct ploughing depth

Easy and flexible: add or remove leaves.

Time saving and inexpensive:  no  maintenance

3/ “Best in Test”

The unique Kverneland mechanical Auto-reset system shows the best results when compared with hydraulic or coil spring systems.

When hitting an obstruction (see 1cm), the stress on the Kverneland plough is minimum. It therefore guarantees a longer life to the plough and to the tractor, while ensuring better ploughing. 


The diagram shows:

• the differences between three different auto reset systems, (Hydraulic system, Coil spring system and the Unique Kverneland leaf spring system)

• how the pressure varies as the body rises (1 cm)

Extra leaves when needed:
The standard Auto-Reset system includes 7 Kverneland heat treated springs (640Kp).

For heavier to extreme soil conditions, extra leaf springs are added for up to 1400kp.

The leaves are easily fixed with one central bolt only.

The Kverneland leaf spring Auto-Reset system is highly recommended. When hitting an obstacle, the pressure on the point, frame, plough parts, decreases. The stress on the plough is therefore reduced which guarantees a longer life to the plough and ensures a better ploughing.

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