Built for More Efficiency and Productivity

- The New Generation DUO Vertical Auger Mixers

Siloking Kverneland brings you a mixer designed to be stronger than ever. Even with focus on capabilities such as stability and accuracy, the mixer can handle the harshest conditions and still offer you more productivity and efficiency than ever before.

The New Generation DUO Mixersare purpose built as a heavy duty machine with plenty of power and efficiency. Add in new features such as own gearbox design, wireless control, new weigh bars and cross conveyor, and the result is a mixer beyond comparison.The new twin auger mixers are available with capacities of 14-30m³ and an array of options to customize the machine to local farm conditions.

Less Mixing Time through Optimized Hopper Shape
Central to the New Generation DUO mixers is the new conical chamber design and the Turbo augers, perfectly matched to each other in terms of size and dimensions. This new design boosts mixing performance by optimizing the flow of material in the hopper with augers running at low resolutions, increasing productivity by reducing mixing time and fuel consumption.

The new FlowPlus hopper ring on top of the chamber provides continuous feed material movement, without blockages, by moving the material from top and back to hopper bottom. This provides faster mixing, of especially baled material and long fibre feed.

New Dimension
The New Generation DUO are fitted with Kverneland Silokings own newly designed planetary gearbox. This is specifically designed for the tough requirements of vertical mixers with more torque than previous models. The 4 planetary gears provide the power needed to withstand shock loads caused when starting up a fully loaded hopper or when cutting wholes bales of silage.

New wider axles provide more stability to the DUO mixers, increasing weighing accuracy and offering more payload. The new weigh bar connection is mounted between the chassis and hopper, and not into the frame. Special casing enables the load cell to be carried out in one point, ensuring higher weighing accuracy.


Wireless Control System
The New Wireless Control System resets the standard for control units. It is a combined weighing and control system, where all communication between mixer and control terminal is done via wireless communication and without the need of cables. The new solution offers the option of second control terminal for the loading tractor, providing the operator with more control of all functions during the loading process.


New Cross Conveyor Belt – More Accurate Feed-Out
The new cross conveyor with its open design provides the operator with a good overview of the discharge. It will transport the material to either side of the machine.

The belt is fitted with new split rubber slats of different heights to ensure trouble free transport of the feed material. The rubber slat closest to the discharge door comes with a lower height compared to the slat positioned away from the door. This split provides a more even distribution and load of the material across the entire working width of the conveyor belt, reducing blockage and providing a more uniform feed-out in front of the cows.

New Generation DUO, Specifications in Brief:

  DUO 1814 DUO 2218 DUO 3022
Capacity 14 / 16 / 18m³ 18 / 20 / 22m³ 22 / 26 / 30m³
Height 2.70 / 2.85 / 3.00m 2.71 / 2.88 / 3.05m 2.90 / 3.20 / 3.50m
No. of augers 2 / 2 / 2 2 / 2 / 2 2 / 2 / 2
No of Knives 12 / 14 / 16 12 / 14 / 16 12 / 14 / 18


September 13, 2012

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