Smaller Loader Wagon Joins Kverneland Taarup Range

New 16 tonne high specification loader wagon

The new Kverneland Taarup 10045 R is a high specification, 16 tonne loader wagon that extends the range available from the Kverneland Group. Key features from the larger 10055 R model have been incorporated into the design of the 10045 R, including the V-Max intake rotor, ISOBUS controls and heavy duty driveline.


With a capacity of 45 cubic metres (16 tonnes), this new 10045 R model is designed for those with smaller, lower powered tractors, typically needing a minimum of 110hp to operate.

Power is evenly distributed throughout the Kverneland Taarup 10045 R via a heavy-duty gearbox and driveline with a double wide-angle pto and integral cam clutch - all capable of handling up to 1800Nm of torque. This means more output, and better power transmission to the chopping rotor. 

The TwinMax intake system is a key feature of this new 10045 R model and without cam tracks, this new intake is virtually a maintenance-free design. It uses V-shaped pick-up tines on its 1.95m pickup, which operate with a roller crop press to deliver a uniform flow of material across the full width of the chopping rotor. Six tine bars with a tine spacing of 55mm give high performance while encouraging fast and efficient crop flow into the 10045 R.

Chop length is 40mm from the 800mm diameter V-Max rotor. Its 35 knives are arranged in a V-pattern, delivering a smooth flow of crop and creating a powerful feed into the body. This ensures maximum throughput in all conditions to minimise peak loads and reduce power requirements.


 21. November 2011

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