New Kverneland Round Bale Wrappers

Kverneland is introducing the new range of round bale wrappers

25 years ago in 1985 Kverneland developed the principle of wrapping grass bales in plastic stretch film for making silage. A radical new method for grass harvesting was being introduced. Ever since, Kverneland has been known as the bale wrapper brand, being the market leader world wide. 

The new Kverneland 7730

The Kverneland 7700 series represents the new generation of turntable wrappers and the 7800 series is the new generation of satellite wrappers. The new Kverneland 7730 is a trailed turntable wrapper and the new Kverneland 7850 is a trailed satellite wrapper.

The new Kverneland 7730 and 7850 are the first two models to be launched in a range that will be completed later this year and during first half of 2011. The Kverneland range of bale wrappers will be extended with a mounted turntable wrapper version, a mounted satellite wrapper with self-loading mechanism and a heavy duty trailed turntable version.

Kverneland 7850, Trailed Satellite Bale Wrapper
The new Kverneland 7850 is the contractor’s choice with two satellite arms to ensure high capacity wrapping. The optimal weight distribution and the tower design of the Kverneland 7850 makes it stronger and more stable, allowing you to wrap on the move. Pick up a bale and wrap it as you move to the next.

Kverneland 7730, Trailed Turntable Bale Wrapper
The new Kverneland 7730 is a trailed turntable wrapper designed for smaller users, and is very easy to operate. The hydraulically operated loading arm is positioned on the right hand side and can handle bales from 1.20m up to 1.50m diameter. 


 15. September 2010

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