New ISOBUS Compatible Weighing Spreader

Spreading the Easy Way with Kvernelands new weighing spreader

The Exacta-CL EW is the new ISOBUS compatible weighing spreader which Kverneland Accord is introducing. This Exacta-CL EW (Easy Weigh) is developed for grassland and midsize arable farms, besides the existing top model Exacta-TL.

The Kverneland Accord Exacta-CL EW range consists of three different hopper capacities: 1.100, 1.550 and 2.000 litres. Spreading width from 10-24 meters (optional 27/28m) is possible with this model. Just as for all other Exacta models the Exacta-CL EW is equipped with the CentreFlow spreading system.


Exacta-CL EW is ISOBUS compatible as standard
The Exacta-CL EW allows operation of the spreader by any ISOBUS 11783 compatible tractor terminal. For use on non ISOBUS compliant tractors the Exacta-CL EW can be operated with either the Kverneland Group Focus II terminal or with the new IsoMatch Tellus terminal.

Kverneland Accords unique reference sensor technology
All negative influences are automatically corrected and eliminated, ensuring utmost spreading accuracy even on hillsides. The Kverneland Accord reference sensor gives you absolute accuracy, because every kilo counts!

20. Ocotber 2010

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