SelfLine 4.0 Premium

Hopper capacities from 15m³ to 22m³.

Models with considerable collecting height and more capacity with 15 m³, 19 m³ and 22 m³

Even with these models of course, the focus is on the benefits of SelfLine 4.0 equipment. Comfort cab, new drive and new hydraulics, integrated multi-functional armrest with CAN-bus control system and the new turbo auger make the operation efficient and economical. The models Premium 15, 19 and 22 can collect feed from up to 5m height with the long milling head arm. The standard drive on these models is a Volvo 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine with 129 kW (175 hp), emission standard stage IV (and with 160 kW / 218 hp as option).

Technical Specifications:

Model Capacity Length (m) Width (m) Height (m)
Premium 2215-15 15m³ 7.98 2.55 2.96
Premium 2215-19 19m³ 8.71 2.55 2.94
Premium 2215-22 22m³ 9.04 2.55 3.06

Prestige 2016 Turbo Augers

  • Auger height is adjusted to hopper height for the perfect auger-hopper ratio.
  • Generously dimensioned Turbo auger with slow revolution for gentle mix at low power requirements.
  • Additional wings on the auger add to a rapid and thorough mixing action.
  • Optional magnet available for removing foreign iron particles from the feed
  • For longer durability Siloking Kverneland has developed SILONOX lining as an option for the mixing augers and hopper walls, where most wearing occurs

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