Kverneland 863 - 864

Trailed bale chopper/feeders with 3.0 & 4.2m3 loading capacity.

Finish The Job Faster

A key aim of the Kverneland 863 and 864 is to provide more capacity by shredding the material faster.

Flywheel housing and blowing paddles have increased in dimensions to increase performance. This means more material is fed faster into the flywheel, finishing the bale at an impressive pace. 

The Advantages:

  • 3.0 & 4.2m³ chamber.
  • Blowing distance up to 20m.
  • Choice of 4-stage swivelling chute or side chute.
  • Drum Feed Control System - Blockage-free design (864 only).
  • Optimised drum, flywheel and chamber design for maximum capacity and throughput.
  • Integrated stone trap (864 only).
  • Unique drum-knife configuration to handle a wide variety of materials.
  • Two speed gearbox for reduced flywheel speed when discharging feed materials

Technical Specifications:

Model Cubic Volume   Load Capacity   Power Req, Min.  
863  3.00m3    1500kg   51/70kW/hp
864  4.20m3   2000kg 51/70kW/hp

4-Stage Swivelling Chute

  • The swivelling chute operates in 4 stages to optimize the blowing distance for bedding
  • Blowing distance up to 20m.
  • Designed with a turning radius of 260° which enables easy access to even difficult reachable spaces.
  • The 3-stage movement enhance the feeding perfomance without blockage even on long fibrous material.

Drum Feed Control System

  • The Drum Feed Control System (DFCS) is an exclusive feature (patent pending), designed to handle even the most difficult material when feeding.
  • It is a simple and reliable system, which includes a powerful electric cylinder and a comb positioned above the drum.
  • During loading DFCS is engaged, which means that the comb is in a lowered position.
  • This ensures that blockages of the flywheel is minimized during the loading and start up process.
  • Once the flywheel speed is at a sufficient level, all you need to do is to push a button and the DFCS ‘fingers’ will be gradually disengaged and open for full flow through the flywheel resulting in
  • perfect flow.
  • The progressive release of the ‘fingers’ offers a more gentle start, protecting the machine and minimizing the risk of blockages.
  • A reliable and simple system with minimum maintenance!

Drum Knife Configuration - 863 & 864

  • The Kverneland 863 and 864 features a unique drum – knife configuration.
  • Knives are mounted on angled rings so that they pass a fixed ‘comb’ on alternative sides.
  • This ensures that materials are cut and fed into the flywheel chamber evenly, reducing the risk of blockage, offering even  discharge & leaving the drum and comb clean.
  • The drum is fitted with 14 blades as standard, but will accept a further 28 blades according to material type – simply bolt them on in a matter of minutes.
  • A patented system - the knives pass the fixed comb on alternative sides for a more even cut.

Two Speed Gearbox - 863 & 864

  • To provide the correct flywheel speed for bedding and feeding the Kverneland 863 & 864 is fitted with a two speed gearbox.
  • At lower speeds the flywheel ensures a metered flow of silage or hay for feeding.
  • At high speed a powerful blow for the most efficient distribution during bedding is ensured.
  • The gearbox speed is adjusted via the handle on the front of the machine.

Easy loading of Bales - 863 & 864

  • The hydraulically operated rear door fitted provides a self loading facility for easy loading of square and round bales.
  • Tailgate and floor chain can be operated via the remote control on the side of the machine.
  • The rear door also offers the ability to carry a second round bale for increased capacity.
  • A bale kit can be fitted to the end of the tailgate to ensure that the bales stay in position during operation.
  • The size of the bale chamber makes it very easy to load the material with a loader - and two round bales can be loaded at the same time - saving time.

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