iM Ready

My new seeding machine is 100% ISOBUS, easy and comfortable! I’ve invested in two new machines, all ISOBUS compatible. Never thought it would be so easy, my tractor is equipped with an ISOBUS connection which enables Plug and Play with all my implements. No different systems, different cables. That’s what I call smart working!” 
iM Etienne, iM FARMING

iM Ready
Investing in a machine with ISOBUS technology will prepare you for the future and, depending on your requirements and budget, will encourage you to further invest in convenience and greater accuracy.

Advantages of ISOBUS 

  • Plug & Play for all ISOBUS certified systems
  • One controller for all implements
  • Centralised data collection
  • Easy data transfer to Universal Terminal (e.g. IsoMatch Tellus)
  • Standardised cables
  • Standardised connectors
  • Compatibility check with functionalities


  • Standardisation of the control settings, a better overview in the tractor cab


  • Cost savings when using several ISOBUS implements steered by just one ISOBUS terminal


  • Easy handling because of a simple connection between tractors and implements

More info

ISOBUS Intelligence: Whenever you see this logo on your machine, you are ensured of the ISOBUS compatibility from tractor to machine and machine to tractor, meaning that all data collection from your machine(s) is centralised and can be easily transferred to your Terminal in your tractor cabin

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