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I’d like to manage my farm as efficiently as possible. An important part in this is field monitoring and controlling my implements. With the IsoMatch GEOCONTROL software installed on my IsoMatch Tellus Terminal, automatically switching off sections of the connected implement, is a simple job, especially during night operations. And I manage using variable rates by downloading field maps to the IsoMatch Tellus which are then controlled by GPS. It also saves me money on input costs e.g. fertilizer or chemicals”.
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iM Global
Solutions whereby the ISOBUS machine is controlled by GPS and GEOCONTROL on the IsoMatch Tellus or tractor terminal. GPS-controlled seeding is all about precision and ease of use.

With GPS it is simple and much more efficient!
IsoMatch GEOCONTROL is an application integrated into the IsoMatch Tellus terminal. In combination with a GPS system it provides:

Automatic section control

  • Shut off when driving over previous covered area
  • Shut off when driving outside field boundary

Variable Rate application

  • Forward site specific rate from task to device
  • Record applied rate from device to task

Task management and documentation

  • Store and report totals and customer data per task
  • Store applied rate per task 


  • Operator ease and comfort
  • No manual action required for controlling sections
  • No manual action required to change the application rate
  • Operator can focus on driving in the field
  • Operator comfort:- less tired at the end of the day


  • Cost savings
  • Sprayer: Saving 5 – 15 %
  • Spreader: Saving 2 – 10 %
  • Precision Seeder: Saving 5 – 10 %
  • Seeder : Saving 3 – 7 %


  • Working at night time
  • No need to see start and stop positions
  • Work can continue throughout the night
  • Finish the job the same day instead of returning next day
  • Possible to do headlands during the day and “fill in” the field during the night

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