Kverneland Spreading Charts App

With the Kverneland spreading charts Application you can make it even easier to setup your Kverneland fertiliser spreader. The spreading charts App will give you direct access to the most up to date results of specialised testing and fertiliser experience. In just some steps, the App guides you to the right settings for your Kverneland fertiliser spreader, anytime, anyplace, anywhere for almost all commonly used fertiliser types.

A new layout makes the App more user friendly. First you select your spreader model. On the next screen you have to enter the working width, application rate, driving speed and the type of application. Then you have to select the fertiliser type. In the distribution field you enter the setting that is given from the granule size box. Then the App will show you the spreading advice adjusted to your settings. By following those easy steps, you will be sure you get the best spreading pattern possible in the field.

New features in the App are the possibility to save your advice in the history screen and an email function of the advice is added.

The spreading charts App is available in the following languages: English (metric and imperial), French (metric and imperial), German, Spanish, Dutch, Bulgarian, Romanian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Latvian, Czech, Italian, Danish, Finnish, Japanese, Norwegian and Polish.

The Kverneland spreading charts Apps are available for free through Apple’s App Store and the Google play store - click on the logos on the right side to get the FREE App.

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Kverneland Spreading Charts App

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