Multi Rotor Rakes, Centre Swath


Kverneland 9464 M (NEW)

NEW CompactLine mounted version with working width of 6.4m

KV_9472C 0025

Kverneland 9464 C - 9472 C - 9472 C Hydro - 9476 C

CompactLine versions with working widths between 6.20 and 7.80m.

KV 9590C Hydro 013

Kverneland 9580 C - 9584 C - 9590 C Hydro - 9590 C Pro

ProLine versions with 8.0, 8.4m and 9.0m working width


Kverneland 95110 C

Heavy duty ProLine version with 9.20-11.00m working width


Kverneland 94125 C - 95130 C

All-New four rotor CompactLine and ProLine rakes 

10.00-12.50m adjustable working width


Kverneland 95130 C PRO (NEW)

Kverneland 95130C as Pro-Line Model with new ProLine functionalities


Kverneland 97150 C

Four rotor ProLine version with 9.80-15.00m working width

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