Rear Mounted Mower Conditioners

Mower Conditioners - Kverneland 3200 MN/MR low weight and aggressive conditioning

Kverneland 3224 MN - 3228 MN/MR - 3232 MN

Centre mounted mower conditioners with 125° vertical transport position.

Working widths of 2.40, 2.81 and 3.16m

Mower Conditioners - Kverneland 3332MT-3332MR-3336MT Quattro Link suspension, also provides great capacity

Kverneland 3332MT - 3332MR - 3336MT

All-new innovative QuattroLink suspension concept for Mower conditioners

Working widths of 3.16 - 3.60m.

SemiSwing steel tine conditioner or roller conditioner

Mower Conditioners - Kverneland 3332MT-3332MR-3336MT, four suspension arms providing great flow on field

Kverneland 3336 MT Vario

QuattroLink racecar suspension - Vario arm with 400mm hydraulic adjustment of overlap.

3.60m working width

SemiSwing steel tine conditioner


Kverneland 5087 MN

New low weight butterfly combination - 8,70m working width at only 2.130 kg.


Kverneland 53100 MT Vario - 53100 MR Vario

All-new innovative butterfly mower combination with QuattroLink suspension concept and hydraulic adjustment of working width and overlap

9.80 - 10.20m working width

SemiSwing steel tine conditioner or roller conditioning

Mower Conditioners - Kverneland 53100 BX, QuattroLink suspension, hydraulic adjustment, BX belt solution and butterfly mower combination

Kverneland 53100 MT Vario BX - 53100 MR Vario BX

Butterfly mower combination with BX belt solution, QuattroLink suspension concept and hydraulic adjustment of overlap and working width.

9.80 - 10.20m working width

SemiSwing steel tine or roller conditioner

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