Kverneland 10040 R - 10045 R - 10055 R

Rotor loader wagons with 14, 17 or 21 tonnes capacity.

Kverneland 10040 R

The Kverneland 10040 R with a capacity of 40m³ offers maximum efficiency with a lower powered tractor and with a transport height of only 3.3m and a total weight of only 14 tonnes it is a very compact loader wagon. While the Kverneland 10040 R is physically smaller – it’s shorter and lower - than the higher capacity Kverneland 10045 R/10055 R models, it can be equipped with the same high-specification options.

Kverneland 10045 R

The Kverneland 10045 R has a capacity of 45m³ and a total weight of 17 tonnes. it provides efficient pick-up and high quality of cut silage. As the Kverneland 10040 R it is also designed for those with smaller, lower powered tractors.

Kverneland 10055 R

Providing a capacity of up to 55m³ and a total weight of 21 tonnes, 10055 R is a rotor loader wagon that brings titanic dimensions to forage harvesting. Offering a full level of standard specifications, the 10055 R is the machine of choice for contractors and machinery rings.


The Advantages:

  • Standard 2.0m Pick-up or optional large 2.3m PU
  • Pick-up without cam track for low wear and smooth operation.
  • High capacity V-Max intake with 800mm diameter rotor.
  • Special V-shaped rotor for even and fast crop transfer.
  • Pre-chopping system with 35 knives.
  • SuperStructure chamber made from strong C-profiled steel sections.
  • Chain-and-slat conveyor with split driveline and gearbox in the middle.
  • Heavy duty tandem axles with actively steered wheels.

Technical Specifications: 

  Load Capacity to DIN 11741 Load Capcaity, Medium Compression Gross weight
10040 RD 19.9/26m³ 38m³ 14000kg
10040R 23.1-29.2m³ 40m³ 14000kg
10045 RD 29.4m³ 45m³  17000kg 
10045 R 32.6m³  48m³  17000kg 
10055 RD 32.4m³ 52m³  21000kg 
10055 R 35.6m³ 55m³ 21000kg

Uncontrolled Pick-Up

  • 2.0 or 2.3m pick-up.
  • 1.83/2.22m pick-up working width (DIN 11220).
  • Six tine bars, each fitted with 16/18 teeth (total of 96/108) and with 55mm tine spacing.
  • Pick-up tines arranged in a V-shape pattern for fast and efficient crop transport.
  • Pick-up tines are staggered for a more uniform flow of material.
  • Roller crop press for even flow of material into the chamber.
  • Pivoting pick-up guide wheels.
  • Pick-up without cam track for low wear and smooth operation.

V-Max Rotor

  • The wellproven and robust cut-and-feed rotor is 1.42m wide and designed to bear the highest loads.
  • The V-Max rotor is driven by the maintenance-free oil-immersed gearbox that ensures trouble-free operation of the large 800mm diameter rotor.
  • The nine V-shaped rows of tine of the rotor feature 22mm wide tines that ensure a gentle and efficient flow of material into the chamber.
  • The special V-shape of the rotor ensures an even and fast flow of material across the entire rotor width, minimising peak loads and reducing power requirements.
  • The V-Max rotor is utilising the full capacity of the rotor, ensuring continuous cutting performance.
  • Rotex pre-chopping system with 35 knives offers the ultimate solution for short chop with a chop length of 40mm.
  • Each individual knife is spring protected against foreign obstacles. If an obstacle hits the knife, it will pivot backwards without  loosing cutting quality.


The top part of the SuperStructure chamber of 10040R (D) is available in 3 executions:

  • Standard version without extension.
  • Extended version with ropes.
  • Foldable Extension.

With the 10045R (D) there is optionally a low Extension available to reach height of 3.72m.

Tandem Axles

  • 10040R, 10045 R and 10055 R offer a ground clearance of more than 70cm when the pickup is raised.
  • The hydraulically articulated drawbar allows the tractor to climb steep clamps, while the cabmounted terminal offers operators convenient and safe drawbar control.
  • The strong and stable tandem axles offer smooth operation and is designed for safe and fast transport of the crop to the silo clamp.
  • The tandem axle is rated to a maximum loading of up to 18 tons (up to 14 tons for 10045 R, 11 tons for 10040R).
  • The standard level of specification comprises a hydraulic brake system and XXL 600/55 R22.5 tyres. Pneumatic breaking system is available as option.
  • The 10055 R is standard fitted with actively steered wheels, improving maneuverability when space is limited.
  • The 10045R is optionally available with steered wheels.

Loading and Unloading

  • All rotor wagons boast a frame that is made of robust C-profiled 220x100x8mm steel sections (closed on the outside) as well as strong stanchions and vertical steel sides.
  • The vertical side plates move the  material to the rear of chamber, ensuring a full load.
  • The hydraulic chain-and-slat conveyor is split into two segments and features four robust chains that handle even the heaviest material.
  • The gearbox is positioned in the middle of the two segments, ensuring equal power distribution to both sides and torque split on two shafts instead of one. It is able to smoothly move massive amounts of crop to the rear of the chamber.
  • The scraper floor automatically disengages when the chamber is full.
  •  Via the control terminal it is possible to choose between manually controlled or fully automatic unloading operation.
  • With the 10040 RD, 10045 RD and 10055 RD you get two large-diameter discharge rollers, which are driven by a maintenance-free driveshaft, to unload the material in a uniform and even mat.

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