Kverneland Cultivation Equipment

Disc Harrows

Disc Harrows - Kverneland Qualidisc Pro operating with cutting quality and good penetration

Kverneland Qualidisc Pro

Qualidisc Pro: Compact disc harrow from 2.0 to 7 meter

Disc Harrows - Kverneland QualidiscFarmer operating up to 10cm deep, user friendly setting and good levelling and controlled soil flow

Kverneland Qualidisc Farmer

Qualidisc Farmer: Compact disc harrow from 2.0 to 6 meter

Stubble Cultivators

Stubble Cultivators - Kverneland Enduro Pro ploughing efficient and powerful during operation on field

Kverneland Enduro / Enduro Pro

Stubble cultivation: incorporation, levelling and consolidation in one pass

Stubble Cultivators - Kverneland Turbo ploughing nearly all year

Kverneland Turbo

Cultivation and seedbed preparation

The cultivator for all seasons

Stubble Cultivators - Turbo T i-Tiller providing high quality and solid output on the field during operation

Kverneland Turbo T i-Tiller

Smart Farming Cultivator

Stubble Cultivators - Kverneland CLC evo, two bar generation working with high hp tractors

Kverneland cultivator CLC Evo

2-bar stubble cultivator for tractors up to 350hp, down to 40cm working depth, 2.5m to 5.0m working width.

Stubble Cultivators - Kverneland CLC Pro combined with any roller, quality for long lifetime

Kverneland cultivator CLC pro

Stubble cultivator with a high maximum power capacity of up to 350hp, 3.0 to 5.0m working width.

Stubble Cultivators - Kverneland CLC Pro Classic for smaller tractors, 3 bars optimized for mixing

Kverneland CLC pro Classic

3-bar stubble cultivator for smaller tractors (from 90hp). Available in 3.0, 3.5m as rigid, 4.0m 4.5 and 5.0m as folding version.

Stubble Cultivators - Kverneland CLC ProCut with wide rigid model, made for lang residues as maize sunflower and sugar cane

Kverneland CLC pro Cut

CLC pro Cut for long residues such as maize, sunflower, oil seed rape, sugar cane, etc., 3m and 3.5m working width

Stubble Cultivators - Kverneland CTC Cultivator performs perfect mixing and levelling with reduces maintenance

Kverneland CTC Cultivator

Cultivation from deep to shallow

Stubble Cultivators - Kverneland A-Drill performs rapid implementation of crop at low price, with high precision

Kverneland a-drill

Pneumatic seeder integrated on stubble cultivators or short disc harrows for an efficient implementation of cover crops during stubble operation 

Stubble Cultivators - Kverneland Knock On System is the easiest way exchanging parts

Kverneland Knock-on System

Fast and easy metal exchange


Subsoilers - Kverneland DTX operating on low power requirements and long durability on field

Kverneland DTX

One pass preparation – versatile and cost-effective


Kverneland Flatliner

Subsoiling and soil loosening down from 30cm to 50cm


Kverneland CLI

Short-mounted single beam subsoiler

Seedbed Cultivators

Seedbed Cultivators - Kverneland TLF performs precise depth control during operation on field

Kverneland TLD

Excellent weight distribution, precise depth control and optimum ability to follow to ground contours for a perfect seedbed in all types of soil.

Seedbed Cultivators - Kverneland TLG optimized for root vegetables

Kverneland TLG

Optimum seedbed preparation for sugar beets, potatoes and vegetables.

Seedbed Cultivators - Kverneland access+ low price with high performance - precision drills

Kverneland Access+

Seedbed harrow in 3.00m working width for the combination with Kverneland seed drills


Kultistrip - Kverneland Kultistrip made for row cultures as maize, sunflower etc.. places the fertilizer exactly where plants needs it

Kverneland Kultistrip

The Kultistrip is Kverneland’s answer for strip-till, an innovative tillage procedure for row cultures such as maize, sugar beet, sunflower or rape seed.

Power Harrows

Power Harrows - Kverneland S-series, heavy power and robust headstock, super versatile in use with low fuel consumption

Kverneland S series

For tractors up to 250hp

Power Harrows - Kverneland M series, medium sized, reliable with long life time and perfect soil levelling

Kverneland M series

For tractors up to 140hp

Power Harrows - Kverneland H series, robust medium sized but effective in most conditions

Kverneland H series

For tractors up to 180 hp


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